Pediatric Compounding

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Children and Medicine: A Special Challenge

Children can present several challenges when it comes to taking their medications. Some children may resist taking a liquid medicine due its taste, others may have difficulty swallowing pills. Also, many children have a fear of injections, leads to different problems altogether.

Also, many medications aren't labeled for children. If a medicine isn't approved for use in infants and children, it typically isn't available in a suitable pediatric dosage forms.

Beacon Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy: A Custom Solution for Children's Oral Medication

Beacon Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy can help your child's medicine go down with less resistance, by compounding oral medications into many pleasantly flavored forms, including:

These are available in a rainbow of colors and flavors that makes it more fun for your child to take the medication.

Beacon Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy Offers Alternatives to Oral Medication

With a healthcare provider's prescription, we also may be able to compound some children's drugs into transdermal gels. These gels are applied to an appropriate site, like a child's wrist, where they are absorbed through the skin to quickly enter the bloodstream.

Of Course, Medicine Only Helps When Your Child Actually Takes It!

Our alternative compounded formulations may offer you and your child real advantages over typical formulations:

Beacon Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy Can Help With Many Common Pediatric Challenges

Beacon Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy custom compounding pharmacy can offer solutions for a variety of childhood conditions, including:

Contact Beacon Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy today to ask about a pharmaceutical solution custom suited for your child! You can also learn more on our Custom Pharmaceutical Compounding page.